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setting up a secure connection

Moving your site to https will make a secure connection between the site visitor and your server.


The service includes:

  1. Help in issuing paid or generating free Let's Encrypt

  2. Configuring the server to work with https

  3. Setting up a redirect

  4. Testing of a site and a server for work with https


Digital site authentication allows you to use an encrypted connection.


SSL certificate proves that the site has an https connection. If the site has no security certificate - in the address bar the client will see: Not secure. Warnings about insecure site compromises the company's reputation.


Risks of not having SSL security certificate:


  • Vulnerability to the security of customers' personal and banking data

  • Lack of trust from the customer

  • financial losses from the reduced volume of sales

  • technical possibility of inclusion of third party information in the site by third parties through public wi-fi networks


Websites with SSL-security certificates are given priority in Google search results.


The cost of the service is only $100

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