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moving server vps/dedicated

How to pay 2 or even 3 times less for servers? You can ask for a discount, but it is unlikely to get more than 10%. Or move to a more comfortable environment.


We will organize the relocation of infrastructure:

  • We select the most suitable operator

  • We help you choose optimal servers

  • Prepare and set up the infrastructure


So you can:

  • Reduce costs

  • Increase fault tolerance

  • Optimize server capacity


A business needs periodic optimization. Moving your website to the most appropriate place will allow you to effectively distribute financial and technical resources, get rid of unused services and detect hidden errors.

We value time, so we migrate small and large infrastructures within the agreed time frame.

Migration of services and applications is carried out with minimal risks due to many years of experience and a tested sequence of actions for each stage separately and the migration process as a whole.


After determining the goals of the move of large infrastructure, the work is built on the following plan:

  1. Calculating the number of servers and their capacity

  2. Drawing up a plan of services for the optimization of local traffic, network and server load

  3. Setting up and preparing the infrastructure

  4. Relocation according to the plan, taking into account down-time capabilities

  5. Integrity and correctness checks

  6. Changing IP addresses in DNS


Migration and switching of simple infrastructure from 1 day with or without down time.

  1. Web server setup (nginx, apache, php, tomcat, etc.), database (mysql, postgresql, mongodb, etc.)

  2. Transfer of data from server to server

  3. Checking integrity and correctness

  4. Change of IP addresses in DNS


We will save you time. You will need only access details - we will take care of everything.


Usually, the project at the initial stage of development is placed on hosting. If the project grows and plans further development, it becomes "cramped" in the framework of the hosting. It's time to change the hosting site and move to VPS/Dedicated.


Despite the apparent increase in the cost of placing the site, VPS/Dedicated provides an important opportunity - fine-tuning services. It is impossible to make personal settings for your project on hosting. Standard hosting settings do not take into account the peculiarities of the project, so sites often slow down.


Individual configuration of the server can optimize the financial costs. There is an opportunity to use only those technical resources that are needed exactly for your project and do not pay for what you do not use.


Organizing a move from hosting to VPS/Dedicated from only $100

Organizing a large infrastructure migration from only $1000

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