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Linux setting up and optimization

Place an Internet project on the network can be several ways: buying or renting a web server - VPS hosting. For fast and stable work of the site you will need personal configuration and optimization of server resources.


Advising and working on issues:


  • Selection of the server with the parameters suitable for the specific tasks

  • Elimination of errors in the server part of the site

  • Development of the project and the scaling of server capacity


Server optimization will help effectively manage technical and financial resources. The minimum configuration will not soon require expansion, if the parameters of the project are taken into account.


Every Internet project, regardless of scope, grows and develops. One-time configuration solves only current problems. To ensure that the site is always fast and error-free - you need constant monitoring. Monthly server maintenance will allow you to save time and focus on business development.


The cost of maintenance is calculated on the basis of the number of servers and services located on them. To get a cost estimate, fill out the form below or send us a chat.

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