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Each area of business has its own difficulties. Online business has frequent problems such as:


  • the site does not load

  • site is inaccessible

  • resource control

  • pages are loaded for a long time

  • an error that no one knows about


Problems on the site can be not only in the software part. Incorrect operation of the site is also caused by errors on the server, for example: wrong settings of Nginx, Apache, PHP-FPM, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.


According to statistics, up to 80% of critical situations can be prevented if the server infrastructure is monitored.

Monitoring and evaluation will show the efficiency of used capacities and help control resources.


How often is your site unavailable? Programmers look for the cause, find it, fix it, and it's been 2-4 hours since the crash started. How many visitors during this time have not ordered your product, did not sign up in your salon and did not leave contacts for feedback?


If pages don't load for a long time or something doesn't work the first time, customers leave.


But not all mistakes can be detected by yourself. Errors arising from an unknown set of circumstances will harm your business indefinitely.


What is the positive impact of server infrastructure monitoring on online business?


The operation of the site becomes predictable.

The problem will be fixed before the services stop working.

Gone will be the sudden expense of finding and working with a specialist to fix the bugs.


Reputation of a stable online business today is available from only $100

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