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setting up and optimizing relational databases

Configuring and optimizing Mysql / MariaDB / Postgresql


Regardless of which database management system is on the server - it can be improved.


Optimizing a Mysql, MariaDB or Postgresql database will allow:


  1. Accelerate query execution.

  2. Reduce central processing unit (CPU) resources.

  3. Disk resources optimization. 

Disks are the most expensive and slowest in terms of server speed


When connecting two large tables, the database may not have enough memory. Queries will be buffered on disks, making the database run extremely slow. Optimization will allow you to use the server resources more efficiently.


In order for the service to remain available around the clock, and information is stored reliably - you need to properly configure and optimize the management of the server.


With the development of the Internet project, the need for storage and speed of data processing is constantly growing. Vertical scaling is required: increase in memory, expansion of computing power and switching to disks with higher performance.


Scaling the base in the way of increased resources is not infinite. You can't drag out the process and grow vertically indefinitely. Scaling horizontally (increasing the number of servers) will distribute data, read load and disk load.


Due to clustering, fault tolerance of servers and processing resources increase with growing loads.


Proper setup and optimization of database management systems Mysql, MariaDB, Postgresql will make the resource stable and high-performance.


The cost of tuning and optimization of Mysql, MariaDB, Postgresql from only $50

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