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setting up a Linux mail server

Professional configuration of the server will allow you to send e-mail news, information about events, promotions and sales to customers.


Setting up a mail server in is carried out in compliance with security protocols. The maximum we reduce the technical possibility of third parties connecting to the server and sending unwanted messages on behalf of the company.


Individual configuration of the mail server will be a convenient tool in the work with the company clients, because it will meet your needs.


Receiving a mailing from the company should evoke positive emotions from the client. Otherwise, you shouldn't expect return customers, increased sales and increased profits from email newsletters.


A mass mailing is not created in one day. Getting a good result requires some preliminary work.


The main problems with mass mailings are IP blocking and spamming. Setting up a mail server will optimize the mailing and direct the letters to the actual addresses.


Unwanted mails go to spam. Setting up and optimizing your mail server, as well as debugging the interrelated processes, will help you fix this.


Proper mail server setup and competent preparatory work of the team guarantee the effectiveness of mailings.


The cost of setting up a mail server from only $150.


The cost of monthly maintenance of the mail server from only $100


To make an order for setting up a mail server on Linux - contact us in the most convenient way for you.

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