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Server infrastructures: 
creation and resolution of current and urgent tasks
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Emergency Incident Resolution

Our team is ready to promptly address any issue, ensuring immediate involvement in the process.

Infrastructure Audit and Monitoring

We will conduct an analysis, gather service metrics across all infrastructure servers, and configure alert levels.

Capacity Planning and Readiness

Accurately determining the workload prior to a marketing campaign significantly enhances its effectiveness.

Website Acceleration

Instantaneous page loading and seamless website performance have the potential to increase customer satisfaction levels.

Server Configuration and Optimization

Customized configuration plays a vital role in enhancing server performance.

Infrastructure Planning

Professional planning ensures the reliability and stability of website operations.

Installation and Configuration

Proper resource allocation and professional installation and configuration of services guarantee optimal performance.

Attack Monitoring and Blocking

We understand that websites face daily attempts of hacking and attacks. However, the majority of these attacks can be mitigated and blocked effectively.

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Monthly maintenance with us is:

Continuous Server Resource Monitoring is essential for the stable operation of services. For this purpose, we utilize metric collection as an analytical tool.

We monitor various parameters, including CPU usage, memory, SWAP, disk utilization, network load, kernel load, server temperature, RAID array status, and others. All data is collected and analyzed on our own servers, eliminating the need for clients to incur additional expenses on analysis and saving time.

The indicators are updated every 60 seconds, enabling real-time monitoring of the server's status. Upon detecting early signs of an issue, our team promptly intervenes to prevent server overload and service disruptions.

Monitoring is a reliable way to accurately identify the presence or absence of issues on the server.

Relying solely on the absence of user complaints to assess the website's functionality is not sufficient, as hidden problems may be difficult to self-detect. In certain situations, users may encounter malfunctioning aspects of the website and leave without completing their orders.

Service monitoring allows us to evaluate how well the website meets visitors' expectations. In the event of issues, monitoring helps identify the level at which the problem occurred.

This service provides the ability to detect obscure issues and identify the root causes of errors on the website, reducing the time spent by professional specialists in issue diagnosis and contributing to the enhancement of service quality.

Collecting metrics provides our clients with real-time information about server health and offers modern tools for managing internet projects. When necessary, we adjust settings and continuously monitor resource performance.

The gathered metrics allow us to plan service deployment on servers in a way that avoids overloads and ensures optimal resource utilization. Our clients grant access to these metrics to programmers and other specialists, enabling our team to work cohesively and efficiently.

The obtained information also aids in calculating capacity reserves for marketing and campaign planning, taking into account the reliability and functionality of services, prepared for peak loads.

The website consists not only of pages displayed on the screen but also a database that plays a fundamental role in its functioning. Several services interacting between pages and the database impact the project's performance.

The stability of distributed systems is a crucial requirement for proper website functioning and interaction with visitors. Periodic or constant errors in operation can lead to malfunctions in specific operations.

Incorrect database entries can cause errors on the website, even if the pages appear to be correct. Such a situation is unacceptable as it can result in financial and reputational losses.

Detecting and rectifying "hidden" errors is only possible through meticulous control of the stability and reliability of local services.

Thanks to continuously updated metrics and properly configured alert levels, we can quickly respond to potential issues, ensuring the website operates smoothly.

Automatic detection of atypical changes in metrics allows us to identify errors in the database, disk space shortages, and other emergency situations that may arise on the server. Emergency situations can be caused by factors of varying origins.

If we identify inefficient queries during bulk data loading into the database, we will promptly alert your programmers to prevent any possible negative consequences.

We will promptly notify you about any issues, offer solutions, and either fix the problem ourselves or provide guidance on resolving it.

Protecting your website from potential breaches can be achieved by implementing a reliable authentication system.

The traditional password-based approach to website security is not sufficiently robust, as even complex passwords can be cracked within a few days.

We recommend using a VPN server as a secure entry point and blocking unauthorized access to servers via SSH and other ports.

The entry point will be moved to a separate server, granting you secure access through an encrypted tunnel to local services and straightforward management tools.

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The cost of maintenance

calculated based on the number of servers and services located on them


WEB server

Setting up a web server is a crucial step in establishing a reliable online presence. Whether you're hosting a personal blog, an e-commerce platform, or a corporate website, a well-configured web server is essential for delivering seamless user experiences and maintaining data security.

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Prices are average. All tasks are individual.

8 000

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10 000

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Server Security and Resiliency Audit

12 000

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10 000

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3 000

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5 000

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Tuning and optimizing Redis / MongoDB /

5 000

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4 000

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40 000

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Configuring Docker/Kubernetes/
Docker swarm

8 000

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8 000

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It's hard to believe, but in a critical situation, we were fortunate to find such talented specialists. We were faced with the task of configuring email message delivery at a rate of 200k per hour on the infrastructure handed to us. Everyone around me pointed to the prices of Amazon and Mailchimp, insisting that the task was impossible. However, they not only implemented the necessary settings at a technical level but also provided detailed consultation on the required domain setup to ensure everything worked as expected.

As a result, our mail server now sends 60-70 emails per second. A big shoutout to the team!

Stanislav Z.

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